Pond pumps come in all shapes and sizes they can be very expensive to run but cheap to buy or they can be expensive to buy and cheap to run ,most of the newer pumps on the market todays are very economical to run,some more expensive than others,the pumps that are mainly used on swimming pools can be very expensive run,Blackburn house stock a large range of pond pumps something for everyone so give us a call on 07748 545651 for more information.

Most of the new pumps can be used either wet or dry, submerged for pump fed systems or you can remove the shell and use it for gravity fed systems
The new boys on the blocks are the eco blue pumps. One of the main differences compared to the former series (Red Devil II) is that these pumps have True Sine Wave technique that provides a noise-free performance and a much higher torque. Especially this torque is very important for the use in ponds in case waste like blanket weed comes into the pump. Instead of 4-pole rotors, Blue Eco pumps use 8-pole rotors that provide a fast, steady, and more powerful start-up. N.B. 100 watts on average in the UK will cost you 1.1p per hour. Double the watts, you double the cost. See what you are spending already on your pump and see how Sequence can make a big difference!

For example: A Sequence 12000s that uses 82 watts will cost you on average and approximately £79 per year. A pump that is rated the same at 12,000 litres per hour and uses 250 watts, will cost you £241 per year! A pump that uses 1,000 watts, will cost you £960 per year. That's why we call it "the pump that pays for itself"!!