IMPERMAX AQUA is one fine example of a good pond liquid liner
  • Economic and easy to apply, it delivers a jointless continuous membrane which totally adapts to the surfaces to be protected.
  • Extreme mechanical and chemical properties.
  • Certified according to EEC Directive 98/83/CE, so it can be in direct contact with drinking water for human consumption.
  • This membrane can easily be applied in spots which are difficult to access with other systems.
  • It is easy to obtain uniform thicknesses combining the product with GEOMAX and our THIXOTROPY AGENT, even in extremely steep or even vertical areas (see data sheet for these materials).
  • IMPERMAX AQUA can be applied even in cases of low temperatures and high relative humidities, obtaining very short cure times in combination with our PUR CAT additive (see data sheet).
  • Product does not require any blends or special primers (it is a one component product).

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: IMPERMAX is a new single component, high performance waterproofing material, based on Polyurethane, certified according to EEC Directive 98/83/CE, and which can be in direct contact with drinking water for human consumption. It can be easily applied on different kinds of surfaces used in hydraulic infrastructures such as concrete, mortar, ceramics, fibreglass reinforced polyester, etc). Curing time: 4-6 hours (in the summer), 12-24 hours (in the winter). Not suited for PP or PE. Apply at least 3 to 4 layers to obtain a membrane thickness of 1,5 to 1,9 mm (2 kilo per m²). It is recommended to use Humidity Primer in most situations.

NEW:Transparent Impermax & Impermax Blue & Turquoise. Blue impermax is perfect for making quarantine/fish stock tanks with the popular blue colour to accentuate the colours of the fish. Turquoise is the perfect colour for natural swimming ponds. Paintchlore Transparent can be applied over an existing layer of Impermax Blue to make it chlorine resistant or over existing ceramic (pool)tiles and (pool)liner to repair leaks