DracoDrum(Origin 25)

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All drums use the same core components so spares are easily available of the shelf and usually next day if needed. Waterside drum electrics are all 12v DC. Designed to wash from mains tapwater, minimum 2 bar pressure (3 bar on origin 25). All modular construction and user repairable. All drums have 90mm waste outlet. A wash pump is available as an added option of £95 plus vat, trade. I personally don't like this as it adds cost, noise, complexity and it's usually fitted when the user hasn't run a permanent water supply to their pond - essential when running a drum even if for trickle in alone.

They all use 11 watts standby, 35 watts whilst washing or 78 watts with the optional booster pump. All stainless/polypropylene construction. Mesh filters down to 58 micron. All can be gravity or pump fed (specify on order).

Origin 25,

  • large twin inlet vortexes and concrete chambers
  • 5500 gph, twin 110mm inlets, 


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