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Dab Nova

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Submersible pump for drainage of clean water, suitable for domestic applications such as collection from wells, small floods of cellars and in gardening.


Voltage: 1x220-240 V / 0.22kW   Input: 1.5 Amps
Operating Range: from 1 to 16 m3/h with head up to 10.2 metres 
Liquid Temperature Range: from 0°C to +35° C for domestic use 
Granulometric Passage: NOVA 200: 5 mm / 600: 10 mm, FEKA 600: 25 mm 
Protection Level: IP 68
Dimensions: 181mm x 262mm
Weight: 4.6kg


• All components are in rust-proof technopolymer 
• Built-in thermal and current overload protection 
• Minimum suction height from 7 mm 
• Compact dimensions

• No rusting over time 
• The built-in thermal and current overload protection protects the pump in the event of malfunctions 
• Collection possible even with very low water levels 
• Compact and rugged construction

• Product resistance and durability 
• Maximum adaptability to all domestic requirements 
• Usable also in very small wells
Dab Nova 200M
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Dab Nova 200M

Dab Nova 300A
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Dab Nova 300A

Dab Nova 600A
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Dab Nova 600A

Dab Feka 600A
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Dab Feka 600A